Intelligent Skin Care

Mindful ingredient selection, safety, and efficacy guide our choices. We don’t use harsh acids, drastic measures, or irritating ingredients that may give the illusion of improvement but, in fact, come at the expense of healthy, beautiful skin over time.

Clinically Tested

Each product in the RENU Advanced family has received a 5-star accreditation for safety— the highest possible—by leading European dermatological research institute, Dermatest®.

Redox Certified

BioAgilytix Labs, Inc., specializes in large molecule bioanalysis for pharmaceutical and biotech companies. BioAgilytix is a global leader in outsourced laboratory services developing, optimizing and conducti ng bioanalytical testing, third-party validation, supporting pharmaceutical discovery, pre-clinical and clinical development and manufacturing.

As a leading contract research organization (CRO lab) specializing in large molecule needs, BioAgilytix provides a regular product scientific assay to verify the existence of redox signaling molecules in ASEA’s Redox products.

Proven Science, Proven Results

RENU Advanced System Benefits

Eight Week Benefit:

  • Fine lines
  • Skin smoothness
  • Radiance
  • Photo aging

RENU Intensive Redox Serum

In just 30 minutes Redox Serum reduced:

  • Under-eye fine lines
  • Appearance of crow’s feet

Facial Skin Study

RENU 28 is active redox signaling molecules that can be applied directly onto the skin to improve and revitalize it at the cellular level. ASEA commissioned a clinical trial to quantify the results of this revitalization. RENU 28 earned Dermatest’s coveted 5-star clinically tested seal for safety, its highest possible commendation. After 4 weeks, the following results were measured:

  • Reduce wrinkle depth by 21%
  • Increase skin elasticity by 20%
  • Improve wrinkles overall by 23%
  • Improve facial skin texture by 22%
  • Increase skin smoothness by 23%
  • Increase skin moisture by 11%
Cellulite Study

Cellulite Study

Cellulite forms when fat lobules press against the skin and create a bulge with an accompanying depression next to the bulge. Dermatest completed a 12-week clinical dermatological test which shows that RENU 28 is effective in reducing the appearance of cellulite and improving skin elasticity. After 12 weeks, the following results were measured:

  • 15.81% reduction in the appearance of fat lobule size
  • 20.91% increase in skin elasticity

Cell Turnover Study

Because redox signaling molecules work at a cellular level, with messages that signal cell turnover, ASEA commissioned Stephens & Associates to study the effects of redox signaling on cell turnover, with specific emphasis on the skin. We charged Stephens & Associates to answer this question in their research—Will RENU 28 stimulate skin cell renewal and turnover? After 30 days, the following results were measured for cell turnover:

  • 16% faster skin cell renewal rate
Cell Turnover Study
Blood Flow Study

Blood Flow Study

As the largest organ in the body in terms of both surface area and weight, the skin protects the body from the elements, regulates body temperature and fluid balance, and is an organ of sensation. All of these functions require proper blood flow. As blood flow decreases with age, a number of conditions can arise. This time we asked Stephens & Associates to answer the following question in their research—Will RENU 28 increase blood flow in the skin? After 30 days, the following blood flow results were measured:

  • 49% blood flow increase within 15 minutes of first application
  • 34% blood flow increase one-hour post initial application
  • 35% blood flow increase three hours post initial application
  • 44% blood flow increase 48 hours into the study
  • 55% blood flow increase 96 hours into the study